fiber coverage
in Norway

Broadnet is Norway's leading provider of fiber-based
data communication to businesses, operators and public sector.

Dedicated Capacity

We are currently seeing an explosive growth in data traffic, and a corresponding need for network capacity. With our nationwide fiber network, Broadnet can provide the capacity required so that your business can meet this development.

In line with increased data traffic, the need to transfer large amounts of data, requiring dedicated capacity, is also steadily increasing. The use of Cloud services, broadcasting of TV and video and the production of services such as telephony and network solutions are all examples of activities that require dedicated capacity in the network in order to function without problems.

Broadnet offers a number of services that will provide a permanent connection in the network with dedicated transfer speeds. Using these services, your business will be guaranteed the capacity required for transfer of your critical data.

Broadnet will tailor the capacity and technology to your needs and provide dedicated bandwidth with extremely high security 24 hours a day.

Dedicated capacity from Broadnet is suitable for operators, system integrators, service providers and corporate customers in the public and private sectors.


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Additional Services:
Upgraded Service Quality Agreement / Availability from 99,0% to 99,95% / Diversity



Provider of fiber-based data communication to businesses, operators and public sector

Nationwide fiber network of 24.000 km

Connects 90 Norwegian cities

Owned by EQT – Northern Europe’s leading private equity company.