fiber coverage
in Norway

Broadnet is Norway's leading provider of fiber-based
data communication to businesses, operators and public sector.


The explosive growth in data traffic and the steadily wider use of demanding and advanced, network-based enterprises, has led to a major need for permanent connections in the network. With Broadnet’s Ethernet solutions, your business can meet this development effectively.

Ethernet provides a permanent connection with high transfer quality and a high level of security, and provides the bandwidth needed to ensure that your business has a rapid and continuous real-time transfer of, for example, TV and video, IP telephony and internet.

These are mission-critical operations requiring a high degree of security with high performance demands. Ethernet safeguards these in a secure and effective manner.

Broadnet offers Ethernet based on various access types and tailors the capacity and technology according to your needs. Broadnet supplies Ethernet with a high level of security, 24 hours a day.

Ethernet from Broadnet is suitable for operators, system integrators, service providers and corporate customers in the public and private sectors.


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Additional Services:
Payment access to networks / For the service Ethernet Access, it is possible to order extra VLAN /
For the service Ethernet Point-to-Point, QinQ (IEEE 802.1ad/802.1Q-in-Q) can be ordered



Provider of fiber-based data communication to businesses, operators and public sector

Nationwide fiber network of 24.000 km

Connects 90 Norwegian cities

Owned by EQT – Northern Europe’s leading private equity company.