fiber coverage
in Norway

Broadnet is Norway's leading provider of fiber-based
data communication to businesses, operators and public sector.


Internet is becoming steadily more important in society and we are experiencing an explosive growth in data traffic and capacity demands. Broadnet supplies the capacity and solutions required to help your business meet these developments.

With Internet from Broadnet, you can work without limitations. With our solutions, your company will experience a simpler and much more effective workday and will be able to fully exploit the potential of the technology.

Fiber provides optimal Internet access. With our own nationwide fiber network we can guarantee the highest quality, maximum security and stability all the way into your company’s data systems. With fiber from Broadnet, demanding Internet-based activities such as video meetings, streaming, Cloud-based services, file exchanges, IP telephony and home office access operate without problems.

Broadnet also offers stable access to the Internet via SHDSL and ADSL. ADSL is also available to private customers.

Internet from Broadnet is suitable for smaller and larger businesses and enterprises in the private and public sectors.


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Additional Services:
Upgraded Service quality agreement (SQA) / DDoS protection / Redundancy / Additional fixed IP addresser / International domains /
E-mail services / E-mail anti-virus and anti-spam / Web hotel



Provider of fiber-based data communication to businesses, operators and public sector

Nationwide fiber network of 24.000 km

Connects 90 Norwegian cities

Owned by EQT – Northern Europe’s leading private equity company.