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in Norway

Broadnet is Norway's leading provider of fiber-based
data communication to businesses, operators and public sector.


Many companies have branch offices, local departments or stores in several locations, and within the public services, municipal, county and state enterprises are often geographically spread. This can lead to communications challenges and a need for a secure and stable network between these sites.

IP VPN from Broadnet solves these challenges and connects enterprises with geographically distributed offices in one single network. IP VPN ensures a closed, secure and flexible network, in which users can utilise central servers and systems easily, with a high degree of security.

IP VPN is a complete communications solution for internal traffic and communication with external operators. The service is flexible, cost-effective and scalable. New locations can be connected and the capacity can easily be tailored to meet the requirements of each individual branch.

IP VPN is currently used by customers with greatly varying needs in regard to scope, functionality and capacity. We supply IP VPN to many different types of businesses, from major public enterprises and chain retail businesses, to small organisations with single offices.

Whether the business is small or large, the demands for functionality are simple or complex, IP VPN from Broadnet can offer a communication solution adapted to your business needs. We ensure that customers have secure and stable connections and ensurethat all data traffic is transferred without problems.

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Provider of fiber-based data communication to businesses, operators and public sector

Nationwide fiber network of 24.000 km

Connects 90 Norwegian cities

Owned by EQT – Northern Europe’s leading private equity company.